Mixed-Use Development

1010 Commonwealth Ave

The former State Police building at 1010 Commonwealth Avenue in Brookline was offered for sale via a Request for Proposals (RFP) by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The building needed complete rehabilitation including gutting of the interior and removal of the exterior metal sheathing. A large number of competitors, including many of the major development firms in greater Boston, submitted bids for the building.

Partnering with Boston University and the cities of Brookline and Boston led to the understanding that 1010 Commonwealth Avenue should become part of the “street-scape.”  This goal was accomplished through the addition of a new front section designed in red brick and beige stucco to blend in with other commercial buildings on the street.  100% of the building was successfully leased before construction began.

President’s Place

President’s Place is a 370,000 square-foot office and retail space located in the heart of Quincy Center.  Eight parcels were skillfully assembled for the President’s Place development.  The office building features a grand central atrium and premier finishes in polished granite and red brick. Constructed in the late 1980s, the building overlooks the Church of the Presidents, where U.S. Presidents John Adams and John Quincy Adams are buried.

In addition to the eight-story office complex, Acorn built a 1,200 space attached garage which remains one of the three largest private garages in Massachusetts.  The garage can be accessed from each floor of the office building.  President’s Place is located directly across the street from the Quincy Center MBTA station and Quincy City Hall.